Selected Works

With over 35 years designing and crafting gardens from the grandeur of large public spaces to small rooftop balconies, curated indoor moods to stately botanical home gardens that merge with borrowed landscape, you will find the portfolio of Ayus Botanical offers boundless diversity, with one common factor, Plant Life.

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Experience suggests commissions with private clients to those with commercial spaces are often quite different. Residential work calls for designing gardens and our public work is more about designing landscapes.

A garden is a personal expression of you – your lifestyle, personality, preferences and inspirations – and they often unfold and evolve through the design and installation process.

Landscapes are multilayered with the need to satisfying a greater number of people – client, patrons, designers, builders, stakeholders and in our experience, tight deadlines.

Garden and Landscape design intersect with the desire to create something truly remarkable within the green space.