Every Ayus Botanical design weaves your story with that of the land, local culture, wisdom of nature and the beauty of the surrounding environment, to craft a distinctive garden uniquely for you.


In partnership with art and science, horticulture and botany, timeless design principles and the history of a place, we work to ensure your garden brings atmospheric and harmonious themes to each individual landscape or place.

Sensory designs congruent with your lifestyle, business, unique landscape or place

Conceived personally for you

One point of contact through design, craft and evolve


By Design

With seamless integration of landscape, art, plant wisdom, architecture, lifestyle and functional build, your new garden becomes an extension of you, your home or your work place. 


While our designs distinctively draw out the beauty of plant life and are identified by the natural forms of green landscaping in every commission, when we create a timeless living garden with you it is imperative we understand your inspirations and motivations, your personality and lifestyle preferences, and your tastes and desires in landscape design.

Paying homage to the plant life held in our collective DNA

The lines between interior and exterior, natural and built environments are blurred

Collaborating with masters in their field to create seasonally harmonious, functional designs

Intelligent and sustainable design – meticulous attention to detail

Each garden space designed to improve our lives