Armadale House

Private Garden


A controlled selection of hard materials with soft sweeps of soothing plant life makes the garden for this young and energetic family a rich, multi-layered experience, highlighting an emotional depth of ideas behind this unique design.

The seasonality of this dynamic and transient garden delights year round, paying homage to the original mansion gardens of Armadale with lush lawns, cooling foliage and ordered, structured planting.

Lively outdoor entertaining and garden play areas effortlessly merge with the sophisticated building design, as each aspect of the garden curves and flows with the contemporary aesthetic of the building architecture. This garden purposefully maintains a calming effect through a flowing structure and order.

Clever design conjures a spirit of ease and generosity as the garden maintains a mixture of semi-formal settings, hidden pockets of discovery during contemplation or retreat, screening from neighbouring properties, and inside-out connection to nature through framed window vistas.

As the layers of the garden unfold, each space offers a distinctive area of individual character and mood, allowing a place for sanctuary and reflection through to lively gatherings while ensuring sensitivity to environmental sustainability.

Private Family Home

0.75 acre residential garden

Green Landscape
Concept to installation 2016-2018

Leeton Pointon Architects

Seasonal reviews with client. Aligning garden with vision and lifestyle adjustments.

Marnie Hawson (9 months post installation ~ Late Summer)

Ayus Botanical_low res-195.jpg