Consulting Suites


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Sophisticated refinement meets organic warmth. Garden Conservatory meets professional consulting suites. Day Spa meets Medical Suites.

This natural medicine clinic asked for a welcoming ambience where the healing journey began the moment each client/patient walked in the door. An abundance of – easy to maintain – plant life immediately soothes any nervous systems and underpins the peace and calm found in every corner of this professional space.

Subtle effects of light, colour and texture immediately invoke a feeling of comfort and wellbeing as relaxing indoor-outdoor spaces weave throughout the consulting suites with a variety of Dracaena, Spathiphyllum, Devils Ivy, Birds Nest fern filling the rooms with authentic vital life energy only living plants can offer.

Integrative Health Care

North Melbourne

Green Landscape
Interior Plant Design + internal courtyard and rooftop balcony from consulting suites, 2019

Nicholas Day

Seasonal reviews ongoing

Marnie Hawson (3 months post installation ~ Late Summer)

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