Terminus Hotel



Within an hours drive of Melbourne CBD lays the rich biodiversity of an ancient and temperate rainforest that sustains and enlivens us as a community.

Envisioned for the Terminus Hotel is a tapestry of vegetation inspired by an Australian temperate rainforest and housed within a vibrant, urban hospitality venue.

Plant life and the energy it represents is experienced and viewed from every public vantage point as patrons journey through the rich understory of the rainforest at ground level, a medley of vegetation experiences through the belly of the oasis, before rising to the ‘lofty heights’ of dining within the canopy of the tree tops. Projecting columns set with epiphytic plants and flowers of significant colour and unusual leaf shape link the upper level to those below, and draws the eye to a north-facing internal beer garden where full sized Waterhousea floribunda grow through the space part sheltered and part open to the sky.

As with any living entity, it evolves over time and adjusts to the environment in which it lives. Core to the ethos of the Terminus Hotel is a sense of community for the many people who live close to the venue. The linked green spaces provide both locals and travellers with a unique interactive pub experience, set within this urban rainforest.

Sand Hill Road

Terminus Hotel, Abbotsford

Green Landscape
Urban Rainforest 2014

Techne Architecture + Interior Design

Visual Builders

Annual reviews ongoing

Marnie Hawson (5 years post installation ~ Late Summer)

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