North Melbourne

Private Garden

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A calming sense of order and proportion reigns in this lush internal courtyard (lightwell), merging industrial design with domestic bliss.

Raw exposed brick, galvanised steel and flaking paint pay homage to the heritage of this space while offering a textured contrast to the refined living areas in this inner-city warehouse apartment.

Generous light, fresh air, aesthetic beauty and functional purpose rule as sparrows and wrens craft their own homes in the green wall of Trachelospermum jasminoides with rich under plantings of Boston fern, Cissus, Vinca and Plectranthus. A green wall has been purpose built to camouflage a 'plumbers foible' –the hot water service mounted in direct line of sight from every angle of this whole floor open home.

Private Inner City Client

4m2 courtyard garden

Green Landscape
Courtyard / Lightwell townhouse garden

Annual review with client

Marnie Hawson (18 months post installation ~ Late Summer)

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