Yarra Valley

Country Estate


A green wedge weekender, this classic 1970’s cottage in the Yarra Valley is hugged by a garden with multiple layers and dimensions.

The owners inherited a dishevelled garden of equally classic 1970’s suburban eclectic plantings: Miscanthus; Camellia; Lilac; Philadelphus; Willow; Irish Strawberry Tree; Variegated Buxus; Hydrangea; Ginger Lily; Pandorea jasminoides; and Flowering Quince, intertwined with primordial species from a timeless legacy instilled by the fringing landscape: Dicksonia antarctica, Eucalyptus regnans, and Acacia melanoxylon.

In collaboration with owners seeking day-to-day interactions with an atmospheric garden, Ayus Botanical’s deliberately relaxed design knits the property together with effortlessly linked zones of sweeping lawns, shrub borders, woody wetlands and winding boardwalks that lead to vibrant ponds, fruiting orchards, formal gardens and secret destinations.

Where bushland meets domestic bliss, this garden is a tapestry of year round interest, high impact seasonal displays of colourful blooms and a safe haven for the indigenous birds and wildlife who like to call this place home.

Private Rural Client

0.5 acre bushland garden

Green Landscape
Garden Redesign for country weekender ~ 2015

Seasonal reviews with client

Martina Gemmola (post installation ~ High Summer)