Robert Burns Hotel



As part of the makeover of this iconic Smith Street Pub, Ayus Botanical was asked to create a Mediterranean garden oasis.  The approach to the green landscaping of garden planters and plant foliage, was a deliberate complement to the architectural lines of the bar and restaurant courtyard renovation.

Planter boxes of hot pink Crepe Myrtle, with lush under plantings soften the courtyard environment, while still affording a view through to Easey Street. A flowering Wisteria travels the stainless steel wires of the newly built pergola.

Random placement of abundant Geraniums, Pelargonium, and Ivy spill from terracotta wall pots to provide a Mediterranean vibe in an inviting outdoor space.

Colonial Leisure Group

Robert Burns Hotel, Collingwood

Green Landscape
Internal Beer Garden, Dining & Window Boxes, 2011

Techne Architects

William Watt (1 year after installation ~ High Summer)