Don Valley

Country Estate


This private bushland estate doubles as a retreat destination where guests reconnect with nature and a rich mountain garden immersion set within a cool climate temperate-rainforest.

With a client who prides themselves on educating guests in the healing philosophy of raw food and demonstrating the ease of sustaining a garden-to-plate lifestyle, the kitchen garden designed for this property was faced with all the challenges you would expect of a site located in semi-wilderness.

A garden restoration and expansion such as this can only be achieved in 'partnership' with the client and their vision.  It is essential for the evolution of the garden to be allowed to unfurl naturally, whilst still respecting the architectural raw material selection of buildings and surrounds.

The magic of this property comes from the unique challenges it presents a landscape designer with extremes in weather, high elevation, limited growing season, hungry wildlife and extraordinary topography.

Amarant Retreat

3 acre bushland garden

Green Landscape
Garden restoration and Kitchen Garden design for Well-Being / Nutritional Education and Retreats - 2012

Kevin Borland designed (1975)

Brett Lukey (6 months after installation ~ High Summer)