Prahran Hotel

A clever contemporary refurbishment with an art deco edge, the collaboration with Techne Architects allowed Ayus Botanical to Greenscape a variety of dining spaces within this unique neighborhood pub.

The central courtyard with its hanging garden elements and Chinese elm complements the modern, angular, industrial design and allows softness through the living foliage of Gardenia magnifica and Pachysandra terminalis.

The vision of Techne to deliver a fit-out of “drama and theatre” is achieved with a striking series of stacked concrete pipes dominating the façade and serving as dining pods.   Salvaged pipes, steel and glass are complemented by natural materials and Ayus Botanical’s lush, tropical indoor planting is carefully integrated in to the design, filling the three levels of varying spaces with distinct character.

Architects: Techne Architects
Photgraphy: Peter Clarke