About Us

Sensitive, considered design and installation

Ayus Botanical draws on horticultural and project management experience producing unique solutions for domestic and commercial gardens.

With careful attention to detail in the design through to construction administration, Ayus Botanical projects range from small, urban courtyards and roof gardens to expansive coastal, rural and diverse commercial developments for the corporate and hospitality industries.

Our experienced horticultural specialists express a passion for the evolution of a garden beginning with conception through to maturity, while maintaining sensitivity to influences of the surrounding landscape.

Ayus Botanical is commissioned for private and business green landscaping projects where a team of staff with wide-ranging capabilities assist in the delivery of quality landscape design, construction and planting projects.


Style & working methods

Close attention is paid to form, function and quality of planting in Ayus Botanical projects. Individuality of each environment enables an honest outcome regardless of whether bold visual statements, functional meeting place, or delicate, sensitive planting are part of the client’s brief.

Ayus Botanical capabilities ranges from the grandeur of large public spaces, through to restrictions common to small gardens. Our experience and expertise will solve limitations with unique and practical possibilities.

When Ayus Botanical creates a garden, it becomes an extension of your home or working environment. Ayus makes the process enjoyable, with results easy to relate to and stress-free.

Our method is simple, whether the project is:
•    the execution of a complete design process;
•    planning service with plant selection and placement; or
•    the construction and supervision of all project stages.




From low maintenance, outdoor entertaining representing natural extensions to rooms, family gardens for entertainment and fun, or creating areas of discovery for children, our clients interact in gardens that mix light, colour, sound and planting to produce a tranquil environment.


Design for commercial landscapes are inspired by use of site and complements existing or planned architecture. Ayus takes pleasure in utilising a variety of natural and industrial materials to transform the site.

Show gardens

Each show garden has had a unique style and objective, Ayus Botanical has regularly partnered with local designers to build show gardens that provide both visual stimulation and functional opportunities for the public to replicate in their own garden.